WP Responsive Auto Fit Text – WordPress Plugin

WP Responsive auto Fit Text Wordpress plugin allows you to create great, big, bold & responsive headlines that resize to the viewport width, with a WordPress shortcode. I love responsive text Fit text Typography Made easy use a Wordpress shortcode Its responsive The [...]

Organic Glow, Organic Products Online Store

Organic Glow stocks only cosmetics and skin care products that are free (or as free as they can be) of toxins and other synthetic ingredients. They're chock full of natural ingredients that have as little as possible added to them which means they're better for your body and your overall health. Our organic online store [...]

OZ Bargain Hunter – Browser Extension

Do you love browsing on Don't you you hate it when you missing out deals that expired or ozbargained a minute before? Then this is the add-on for you! Install this add-on today to get instant updates on the latest deals Oz Bargain community has to offer. This addon is not operated by [...]

ShopTalk Branding & UI Design

ShopTalk is a young and dynamic company which has set goal to help in-store shoppers share their shopping on social networks in a fun and rewarding fashion. * Currently available in Israel only Vibes Design part in this exciting project was to design the company's face: Logo, branding and application's UI.

Kingpin Kuztums Clothing

Online store for KingPin Clothing Ink. KingPin is an Australian Owned company, which has created an exclusive line of designer apparel re-creating the nostalgic and vintage American Hot Rod and Custom culture. Full CMS online shop features: Paypal Payments Home page slide show Home page latest release products slide Google Fonts On going development...

Water& What u Need

New brand of water “Water&” is an innovative flavored water, enriched with vitamins. The new company's website featured their innovative flavored water. Modern, clean and simple web design. Technical facts: Nivo Slider with text description Powered by CMS SEO friedly URL's Ajax contact form On going development...

The Mineral Miracle

The Mineral Miracle was born to provide you with the most comprehensive and unique selection of Mineral cosmetics & highly pigmented Professional Mineral makeup under one roof. A “Not only selling” site but a one that provides all the Mineral beauty needs for taking good care of your skin. Brands: Jericho Skin Care Australia, Jericho [...]

Ice Break Racing Team

The Official Ice Break Racing team website. We have made some renovation to the website design, reintegrate the site with a new CMS and added some new features: TV Guide feed Image Slideshow Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series Standings Integration with the Youtube channel On going development...

A free Photoshop template for Anaglyph Stereo 3D image design

In this Photoshop source file you will find a group of layers. All you really need to do is to place your image in the appropriate named layers, Left and right. for good results use two different images of the same object but from a slightly different view PSD source: Download PDF Tutorial Source: Download [...]

Puppy Land

Roi is a professional dog trainer specialised in puppy behaviour. As the name points Roi asked us to design a website that will emphasis the "land of the puppies" feel. We choose a cartoon style design, very colorful with a range of puppy characters to show on each page.

3D Modeling

Point of sale concept design for Smortop. All designs implemented using real world measurements and all art work supplied from concept to manufacturer

Flash Intros

By using Flash banners site owners let the visitors know about their products, services, and special offers with the attention grabbing Flash. Above are some of the flash animation banners we have design for Smortop during our contract, some are showing the Generation laptop bags range in 3D, landing pages and short intros.

Short 3D Animations

Flash banner, as we know, is a modern digital advertising media with a lot of advantages in comparison to conventional graphic ads. It’s clear that a well designed Flash banner due to its eye-catcher effect can attract a higher click-through rate than a static image that remains still.By using Flash banners site owners let the [...]

6 Realistic Vector Boxes

Use these 6 realistic vector boxes with natural shadows and page curls for all design jobs: web site designs,print flayers, brochures, catalogs, animation and everything else. The EPS files is fully layered and well named – just copy and paste to your project, also you can move things around, and use only the parts you [...]


Catalog design is a key component to the marketing of many businesses large and small. A well-designed catalog can present a positive image of the business while providing helpful information about the products or services offered.

Christmas Cards

We can design and print xmas cards with original artwork specially designed for your company. also avalable: 3D modeling of your company’s logo and redesign it for Xmas. Design a matching envelope to complete the card set. Personalize name and address imported from your database. Interactive Xmas micro site in Flash.

Graviton Media

One of the many services we offer is the design and production of promotional banners and brochures; which are great for events such as trade shows, exhibitions or sponsored events. These banners are also ideal for reception areas or meeting rooms and are an excellent, yet affordable piece of promotional signage.


This is a recent web design created for a warehousing, fulfillment, kitting and advertising company in Australia. Clear, effective web design was essential for this provider of business services. They needed a web site that was professional, easy-to-use, and could be maintained in-house with frequently updated content. With those goals in mind, we tackled this [...]

Vibes Web Design

Our Previous Portfolio, powered by WordPress with some cool 3D Flash carousel.

Cold Bottles Animation

Activeden is an online marketplace for graphics and other digital media files. Our first file for sale online has been recently published on the Activeden and we are very proud. Activeden are very strict with their publishing terms and all files uploaded should be well documented and very clear. Our files costs only $4

Makeup Artist

Simple, yet elegant profile page for Nina, the makeup artist.The page is powered by Wordpress CMS. Features: Contact form Image Slideshow

Ortal Pelleg

This is not the first time we are working with talented musician Ortal Pelleg. Four years a go we have designed for him a dynamic Flash website to show his music and art. As time want by and the old site lost his spark and new technology came up, we have designed a brand new [...]

Electronic Catalogs

e-Catalog is a digital catalog for a company or products which can be viewed on a computer or electronic device. Simply put, e-Catalogs are electronic pages which can be used for launching a new product, Event or Show Campaigns, Business Presentations, Digital Portfolio, Interactive Digital Product Manuals etc. Check Out: The Mineral Miracle • Smortop [...]

Nostalgia – Vibes Old Portfolio

Two of my old portfolio websites, designed at 2005 using Flash as my favorite platform for creating interactive websites. Unfortunately Flash was never SEO friendly, engaging me learning the web standard CSS/HTML method as the primary web design technique i use.

3D Interactive Laptop Presentation

A 3D interactive environment presenting all features of this designer laptop bag. This is a very good tool used in the company’s website, to get familiar with the bag’s specs and features. Implemented using Autodesk Maya and Flash AS2. Click here to play

Melbourne is a Canvas

A flash mini site presenting a location aware game as a part of game competition in Melbourne. The site includes game rules, video,images and information about the game.

Iris MicroSite

Token studio is a team of 5 members developing games for different consoles. One of Token’s projects was to develop and design a high-end game called “Iris” and it was powered by the Unreal engine. Some of my responsibilities as a active team member was to design the game website. We all decided that a [...]

Flash Micro Site

A Flash website featuring a music player console, interactive galleries and fully featured video player.

Stereo 3D Posters

Original 3D character modeled and rigged by Gal, design as a part of the new re-branding campaign of Moore-ADS to ADSone. All posters rendered in stereo format and an anaglyph 3d effects was applied – for maximum 3D effect. Get your 3D glasses and checkout the posters Screenshots