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Speed, security and amazing customer support. We not only design but help you maintain a website that’s built to last; a key marketing tool that can evolve as readily as you do, backed by Vibes’ industry-leading WordPress hosting and maintenance service.

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WordPress Maintenance & Hosting Melbourne

Fully managed, reliable, always up to date

In digital world filled with uncertainty and risk, uptime is everything. Choosing our WordPress Hosting & Maintenance, means your site is more likely to stay up, functional and available, for longer. With our specialist knowledge, we can facilitate the entire maintenance process for you.

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Website Hosting & Performance

A website that stays lightning-fast

What’s the one thing that impacts your site more than anything? Speed. Backed by reliable and fully-integrated WordPress Web Hosting, our WordPress Maintenance services in Melbourne will keep your site running at optimum capacity.

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Optimise website performance

A website that’s fully optimised

We’re here to help. At Vibes, we can take care of all the necessary updates: big, small or in-between. Finessing, fine-tuning and taking care of your security, let our team manage everything – from backups, to recovery, to content updates, and more.

WordPress Hosting benefits

What’s included

Get peace of mind knowing your WordPress site is fully managed hosted on an Australian server with daily backups and updated WordPress software, plugins, extensions and PHP versions to optimize performance and reliability — and fast load times.

Talk to an expert

Our technical support are a team of knowledgeable and experienced WordPress developers and hosting specialists.

Our experienced team are in Melbourne, and we are WordPress experts, ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Trusted WordPress plugins will get automatically updated, other plugins will get updated on monthly bases or if a known security patch is out.

We take care of boosting your website loading time, improve your PageSpeed score, and optimize your Core Web Vitals.

Your data will be backed up every hour to a secondary server. Backups are made available at regular intervals of up to 30 days. 

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts! You can cancel at any time.

WordPress Hosting & Maintenance Packages

Vibes Design realises the ease of having all of your internet needs maintained by one company. We can provide hosting solutions for any website that we build. All of our hosting packages come with your own control panel and a fast reliable service.

Dedicated cPanel

Security Management

We use DreamGuard to scan every file uploaded and sent from our server. Any hacked or corrupted website will be restored and patched.

Plugin Management

Australian Data Centre

Daily Backups

Priority Support






inc GST / Per Month

eCommerce & high traffic



inc GST / Per Month


We use a website hosting provider whos platform has been specifically built for WordPress websites. This hosting platform keeps your website fast, scalable, and secure. Our monthly website hosting & maintenance fee ensures your website is backed up regularly and all WordPress version updates and plugins are installed as required.

There are many providers that offer cheap hosting. If you are looking for the cheapest web hosting provider to run your website, you run the risk of being hacked, may run out of bandwidth which will slow down your site, or worse, potentially have your site shut off when you max out your allotted amount of monthly traffic. We only recommend the most premium hosting options to our clients, which is why our fixed monthly fees are higher than other hosting providers. We also ensure all required updates are installed and have not impacted your websites look/feel and functionality. Terms & Conditions 

When it comes to security patches and WordPress plugin updates, Vibes Design are proactive in keeping your site secure with monthly updates. We also perform threat detection and blocking to ensure that all our clients WordPress sites are free from intrusions.

Security and maintenance plans do not include website support hours, ad-hoc content updates, adding new functionality or similar. The purpose of these plans is to proactively manage security and maintenance. Please refer to the tables above for what is included. Monthly content updates from $250 per month for regular content updates.

Plugins are little programs, or packets of code, that can ‘plugin’ to or be added to a website to make something specific happen, or work, on that site… Such as a Slideshow of scrolling images, an Image Gallery, the anti-spam function on a Contact form, or a Shipping Calculator. Quite often a website will have several plugins that cater for a range of functions that essentially people expect from websites these days. Keeping plugins up-to-date ensures your plugins and your website software continue to ‘talk to each other’ properly, which means your site looks great and works properly for your online visitors, ie functions work, pages display properly and no broken links.

Applying WordPress updates helps keep your site secure. If you don’t keep your WordPress software up-to-date then the likelihood of your site getting hacked is a very real one – that’s because hacking programs, by design, endlessly troll the internet, “poking & prodding” websites, testing for the security loop-holes that appear when software updates haven’t been applied, this leaves your site very vulnerable to getting hacked or hi-jacked.

cPanel Hosting Packages

Vibes Design realises the ease of having all of your internet needs maintained by one company. We can provide hosting solutions for any website that we build. All of our hosting packages come with your own control panel and a fast reliable service.

Disk Space up to

Website type



MYSQL Databases

Email Hosting

Server Location

Hourly Backups

Storage type



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