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Writing blogs is fun. But making them stand out (and convert customers) isn’t always easy. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you, and come up with a winning strategy to make your words sing. 

Ready for our secret recipe? Tick these boxes before you push publish.

Come up with a high-interest topic

Want to grab attention? Write about interesting topics. Your posts should be fascinating and relevant to your target audience. This will draw people in and encourage them to engage with your content. From there, if the quality is good, and they’re getting useful information, they’ll be more likely to sign up for a workshop or purchase your product. 

So focus on writing meaningful blogs that are trending and on the money. 

Write for both quality and quantity

Quality vs quantity. It’s an ongoing debate. We recommend writing with both in mind. Basically, you want your blogs to be well written. Think great structure, lovely language and plenty of stats, quotes or figures to back up your claims. 

But you also want to write enough content to cover a topic adequately. You might even go a step further and include an extra idea or two, to really make it shine. So write naturally. Add what you can. And only pull yourself up if you feel like you’re including things for the sake of it. The reason? Google values high-quality content that thoroughly explores a topic, without going overboard.  

Write a compelling CTA

Always finish strong. Why? Because this is your moment to influence, persuade and get someone to make that all important click. So write that ripper blog, share valuable information and then close the deal with a well-crafted CTA. Just make sure it’s relevant, engaging and clear to really boost your chances of a conversion. 

Share your work on social media

Don’t be shy, your work is amazing! (And people near and far would love to read it.) So get active on social media and give your blog the wings it deserves. This will create another avenue to draw customers to your website, which will increase your reach and the effectiveness of your work. Whether it’s Instagram, FaceBook or even LinkedIn, you’ll be surprised by what can be achieved.  

Make your blog SEO friendly

Just like your website, your blog posts can be optimised for search engine optimsation (SEO). Do this by adding keywords throughout, with a particular focus on headings and subheadings. Add a meta title and meta description, rich media where possible, and you’re halfway home. Putting a little extra effort into optimisation will greatly improve your visibility, and boost your blog’s conversion rate, too.   

Time to make your blog the best in town?

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