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In a world where good design offers you better-than-ever brand differentiation, Vibes Design puts your business on the map. Be known for your smooth-running website, efficient design and outstanding presentation of products and services.

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Looking for a website that helps you stand out?

The truth is, looks alone are no longer enough.

At Vibes Design, we produce beautiful, expertly designed and integrated custom websites – essential business assets that make your working life a whole bunch easier.

Sure, it’s a website. But it’s way more than that too. Throw those generic, one-size-fits-all templates out the window and choose to engage a Web Design team Melbourne knows will move mountains for your business.

Why? Because we’re living proof of that all-important difference between website creation and custom website design.

Since 2006

Offering Web Design for more than 15 years, our specialised team’s experience in WordPress Web Design, graphic design, coding, copywriting and more is your new secret weapon: let’s help boost your ROI, skyrocket conversion and engage more clients than ever before.

Our supremely balanced, end-to-end website and WordPress Web Design solutions to clients in e-commerce, real estate, health and wellbeing, construction, hospitality, and beyond, there’s one thing that unifies the mind-bending diversity of our work:

Belief in the power of energy-filled, gravity-defying web design.

Vibes Design
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Based on 74 reviews

Our values

  • Efficiency – you get incredible design, right on time
  • Approachability – we’re a jargon-free zone; just friendly, respectful and evidence-backed advice here
  • Empowerment – we help you skill-build, accompanying your new website with enjoyable, easy-to-use training videos so you move forward with confidence

Our vision

You, feet up, drink in hand, admiring the heavy lifting your brand new website is doing for you. We live to lighten your load, improving the functionality of business through uncomplicated web solutions that are a joy to use. Guaranteed.

Our services

We’re primed and ready to help you with:

  • Creating a beautiful, custom website, from scratch
  • Website redesign
  • Managed WordPress web hosting
  • Landing page design
  • Ecommerce web design
  • Professional copywriting services
Let’s create you something incredible

Cozy in size, big on ideas

Meet the team

Creative by nature and unconventional in thought, Vibes’ incredible team of design-led thinkers and problem-solvers take pride in creating you a website we know you’ll be proud of.

Gal Opatovsky
Founder / Web Designer

A web design unicorn, Gal does it all: designs, codes, services customers and manages projects in their entirety. The benefits of working with such a broadly skilled designer flow right through to you: ease of process, beauty of design, and finger-on-the-pulse project overviews. Never miss a beat again.

Noam Judah
Website Strategy Manager

Noam’s strong values of honesty, integrity and ethical selling underpins his business dealings and enjoys working with selected clients to deliver strong business outcomes. Noam is dedicated to helping organisations maximise their growth, customer engagement and brand loyalty. His strong, proven capabilities in planning and designing websites and SEO campaigns lead to high customer conversions for clients

Ofir Kuberman

As our resident senior developer, Ofir offers you and your team unparalleled web development smarts: he builds intelligent integrations, solves technical challenges and makes everything work just as it should (and better). With Offir on the case, your website, CRM and every integrated plug-in have no choice but to play nice. And you? Get ready to reap the rewards.

Lucy Rash
Lead Copywriter

Lucy is a strategic copywriting and language conventions expert. With over 10 years of expertise across multiple industries, she works with Vibes Design clients to shape a defined Tone of Voice (TOV), strong messaging, and compelling CTAs.

Merylin Sternstain
Graphic Designer

The genius behind Vibes’ reputation for outstanding graphic design, Merylin has an eye for building visual elements that will enrich, build and differentiate your brand. From logos to banner designs to social media and beyond, Merylin helps you enjoy consistency in your branding no matter what your target market.

Our Favorite Projects

A taste of our creations

Our websites enrich the brands of Australia’s leading businesses. Here’s a tasting plate of some of our favourite projects to-date.

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