WP Responsive Auto Fit Text – WordPress Plugin

WP Responsive auto Fit Text WordPress plugin allows you to create great, big, bold & responsive headlines that resize to the viewport width, with a WordPress shortcode.

The WordPress shortcode:

[slab]<b>Fit text</b>[/slab]
[slab]Made easy[/slab]
[slab]use a WordPress shortcode[/slab]

The WordPress shortcode:

[slabtext] [slab color="#EF4036" font="Stingray" transform="normal"]I love[/slab] [slab]<b>WordPress</b>[/slab] [slab color="#2393BE" font="Arial"]Typography[/slab] [slab]use a shortcode[/slab] [/slabtext]

18 thoughts on “WP Responsive Auto Fit Text – WordPress Plugin

  1. Typo_78 says:

    Hello there,
    First of all thank you for your lovely plugin. I have a question regarding the possibility to wrap this code . I want to use custom colors like this for example :

    [slab]how are you?[slab]
    [slab]everything is fine[/slab]
    [slab]I hope so[/slab]

    but I have a gap between the first line and the rest of the text block .. how can I solve this problem , can I have your support please ? 😀 Thanks,

    • admin says:

      Hello Typo_78,

      You can reduce the gab by simple adding an inline css like this:

      [slab]how are you?[slab]
      <span style="margin-top:0px;">[slabtext]
      [slab]everything is fine[/slab]
      [slab]I hope so[/slab]

      • Typo_78 says:

        Hello there and thank you for you reply. Not so sure why but the tag doesn’t work properly in wp with this shortcode. Did I’ve made something wrong ?

        the result

  2. Ming sheng Choo says:

    Hi, Nice plug in you got there, I’m currently learning how to use wordpress as a hobby.
    Just wondering how do you change the color or even control the styling of the slabtext ?
    I tried to use a h1 tag and style it by using the h1 tag but it didn’t work.


    • admin says:

      Hi Ming,

      You can change the color of the text using inline css like this:
      <h1 style="color:red;">
      [slab]Fit text[/slab]

  3. Classic Henry says:

    Great plugin. I am just curious how we can reduce the text expansion just a little? Its dynamic sizing breaks my responsive rows and expands beyond the containing divs.

    Just hoping there’s a way to reduce the max-width or something like that. Thank you.

  4. Philadelfo says:

    Congratulations! Great work with Slabtext. Recently I installed Slabtext Plugin in the other blog. But it didn’t work. The warning said:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in
    wp-content/plugins/wp-responsive-slab-text/wp-responsive-fit-text.php on line 61

    Help me!

  5. Alexandre says:

    What if I am using google fonts? Where do I insert the code? I’m also doing for my personal development website 😉

    This would be the code in one of the pages, as you can see I am already using some type of resize/responsiveness… but it is not doing the job so well at the moment.


    Thanks 😉

    • Vibes Design says:

      Hi Alexandre,

      Please update to the latest version. It includes shortcode attribute for changing font family and color

  6. MC says:

    What are all the attributes for the shortcode?
    I installed the plugin, copied your shortcode above changing the font, it doesn’t change the font, colors are correct.
    [slab color="#EF4036" font="Stingray" transform="normal"]I love[/slab]
    [slab color="#2393BE" font="Arial"]Typography[/slab]
    [slab]use a shortcode[/slab]

    Any information would be appreciated.

    • Vibes Design says:

      Do you have Stingray font loaded to your website?
      In order for the “font” parameter to work the font needs to be called by your website.
      For example: <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">

  7. Rox says:

    Very good plugin. Is there a way to decrease the line-height? I tried with “line-height: 0.5;” but it didn’t work out. Maybe I’m not putting it in the right place. I need one line to overlap a bit on the other. Thanks.

    • sam says:

      Hi Rox, I am sorry but line-height can be controlled only via CSS. The shortcode doesn’t support that feature yet.

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