4 reasons why you need to invest in pro copywriting

Okay. Awesome design is great. Smart structure is vital. But do you know what really makes a website sing? 

Good copy. 

From the smallest word to the longest sentence – you can influence how your customers think and feel just by playing with letters on the page. And once you’ve got their attention? You can direct them to wherever you want – be it your sign up button, sales page or booking form. 

So, are you thinking about skimping on your copywriting? Think again. 

Here are 4 reasons why you need to invest in a pro. 

Strong copy converts

Casting a spell. That’s the effect that strong copy has on your audience. When you know how to wield words as weapons you can do remarkable things. For instance, you can hook people with headlines. Create irresistible landing pages. And establish trust by using language that’s strong, consistent and error free. 

The bottom line? You’ll be able to get more customers across the line. 

Good copy is written for humans (not robots)

Yes – Google values content on your website. But it needs to be well written and relevant. So if you’re thinking about spamming words for the sake of it, then it might be time to reconsider. 

Try writing for actual humans instead. People like you and me. Because even if your website has lots of words, and visitors arrive in their droves, they won’t stick around long if the copy is poor. 

That’s why you need a professional wordsmith. Someone who can craft content that’s peppered with personality, carefully considered, and true to your brand. Trust us, your visitors will love it. 

Quality copy is key for SEO

SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation is super important. But finding a balance between pleasing the algorithm and writing well is key. The good news is a copywriter can help. 

A skilled writer will thread keywords throughout your site naturally, making sure it pops up for people searching from home. At the same time, they’ll add internal links (like this one) so your customers can easily navigate from one section to another.

But perhaps most importantly, they’ll write content that’s valuable. This plays a major part in your website’s ranking. In short, Google looks down at websites with excessive fluff, and rewards those that share useful and relevant information instead. 

Bad copy harms your brand

Bad advertising. That’s what we call uploading poor copy to your website. Not only will visitors spot mistakes a mile away, but they’ll quickly leave – and with a sour taste in their mouth. But the worst part? Your brand will lose long-term credibility, which is so hard to build.

Remember, whether it comes down to poor punctuation, a formatting faux pas or bad writing full stop, you can’t afford to cut copywriting corners. 

Time to give your web copy a new lick of paint? 

At Vibes Design, we create websites that pack a punch. From copywriting and design to development and on-going support, we’ve got all your bases covered. 

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