OZ Bargain Hunter – Browser Extension

Do you love browsing on OzBargain.com.au? Don't you you hate it when you missing out deals that expired or ozbargained a minute before? Then this is the add-on for you! Install this add-on today to get instant updates on the latest deals Oz Bargain community has to offer. This addon is not operated by ozbargain.com.au. [...]

ShopTalk Branding & UI Design

ShopTalk is a young and dynamic company which has set goal to help in-store shoppers share their shopping on social networks in a fun and rewarding fashion. * Currently available in Israel only Vibes Design part in this exciting project was to design the company's face: Logo, branding and application's UI.

3D Modeling

Point of sale concept design for Smortop. All designs implemented using real world measurements and all art work supplied from concept to manufacturer

Nostalgia – Vibes Old Portfolio

Two of my old portfolio websites, designed at 2005 using Flash as my favorite platform for creating interactive websites. Unfortunately Flash was never SEO friendly, engaging me learning the web standard CSS/HTML method as the primary web design technique i use.

Melbourne is a Canvas

A flash mini site presenting a location aware game as a part of game competition in Melbourne. The site includes game rules, video,images and information about the game.

Iris MicroSite

Token studio is a team of 5 members developing games for different consoles. One of Token’s projects was to develop and design a high-end game called “Iris” and it was powered by the Unreal engine. Some of my responsibilities as a active team member was to design the game website. We all decided that a [...]

Flash Micro Site

A Flash website featuring a music player console, interactive galleries and fully featured video player.