Flash Intros

By using Flash banners site owners let the visitors know about their products, services, and special offers with the attention grabbing Flash. Above are some of the flash animation banners we have design for Smortop during our contract, some are showing the Generation laptop bags range in 3D, landing pages and short intros.

Short 3D Animations

Flash banner, as we know, is a modern digital advertising media with a lot of advantages in comparison to conventional graphic ads. It’s clear that a well designed Flash banner due to its eye-catcher effect can attract a higher click-through rate than a static image that remains still.By using Flash banners site owners let the [...]

Cold Bottles Animation

Activeden is an online marketplace for graphics and other digital media files. Our first file for sale online has been recently published on the Activeden and we are very proud. Activeden are very strict with their publishing terms and all files uploaded should be well documented and very clear. Our files costs only $4

3D Interactive Laptop Presentation

A 3D interactive environment presenting all features of this designer laptop bag. This is a very good tool used in the company’s website, to get familiar with the bag’s specs and features. Implemented using Autodesk Maya and Flash AS2. Click here to play

Stop Motion Animation

A short stop motion animation i created as part of a school project in the “Alternative Animation” course. I have designed and created a clay puppet and used over 3000 stealth images to complete the 110 seconds of animation. I have also used Flash to animate pupils and mouth to give the animation the final [...]

Mr Slow – Short Flash Animation

As part of my university course “Narrative & Communication” all students had to follow a sort script written by the class about a man called MR Slow and the things he does every day. All student asked to design and animate the script using any technique and style they desire. Because i am using Flash [...]